Wai Distiller (white)

Wai Distiller (white)
PP white outer skin, high quality stainless steel inner chamber.

Removes close to 99.99% of the following
- Asbestos
- Fluoride
- Giardia
- Heavy Metals
- Chlorine
- Nitrates
- Pesticides
- Arsenic
- Harmful bacteria
Auto shut off.
Leaves water pH neutral
1 x Water distiller
1 x 4 litre BPA free plastic collection jug.
1 x carbon filter sachet.

Power Input:: 220VAC 50Hz\110VAC 60Hz

Output Power : 750W

Inner size : F180x200mm

Volume : 4L Distilled

Water/per: >1L/H

Size: 290'290'390mm
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